So you’ve had people try to sell you “Web Design” … and “Search Engine Optimisation” …  BUT …

What Has Internet Marketing Ever Done for Your Business?


Dear frustrated Business Owner,

You may well have a website by now. You may have had it professionally designed … and it probably looks fantastic. Maybe it even has animated graphics or other eye-catching devices dancing across the screen.

You might have bought into a search engine optimisation package – and perhaps your site has good rankings for certain keywords.

If you’re like the vast majority of business owners I talk to, you’re probably quite happy with your website … except for one niggling question:

Is It Getting You Any Business?


And the answer I nearly always hear is a resounding “No!

If that’s your response, then you’ve come to the right place. You see, here at Business Web Advice we’re not interested in fancy flashing gizmos and other clever tricks. Our focus is more business-centric … because we know that you want your website to bring in more business for you. So we focus on:

The Only 2 Things Your Website Needs to Do:

These are:

  1. Be seen by the right people … people who are seriously interested in the goods or services you provide
  2. Prompt them to take action – to take the first step towards becoming a new customer or client of yours.

That’s it! That’s all what you want of your website, and everything on it should be geared towards one or other of those two objectives. Everything else is fluff.

If dancing gizmos help, keep them. If they simply distract your visitors’ attention, scrap them.

And we have a track record of getting more business for our clients.

Here’s what a solicitor had to say after we took over his internet marketing:

“We used to advertise in the local paper every week, but we don’t bother with that any more …

“It’s got to the stage where I expect to find at least one new client in my inbox when I go to work on Monday morning.”

Dominic Goward

If you want results like that, call now on 0115 811 4247 and ask to speak to me, Bernard Howes.

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Do it now – before something else crops up!

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